The project aims to foster European citizenship and to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at Union level by educating young students about the functions of the European government through lectures given by people who have direct experience working for the European parliament. The project will encourage democratic and civic participation of citizens at Union level, through lectures on how to participate in EU projects, importance of civic engagement and participation of electoral process, volunteering and how it can change local environment for the better. Here best practices will be presented to students by showing them successful projects and volunteering programs that were implemented at the local level and presenting them new technologies that could be implemented during the election process. We will foster intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding by showing participating students positive examples of our shared history and achievements. Slovenia and Bosnia share a common bond of once being part of a single country. Velenje as a city has a unique history of Bosnian migration and a large Bosnian immigrant community that prospered in Slovenia.

After successful completion our goal is to expand and include institutions in Croatia and Serbia. The goal will be to discuss the future of education not just with students but industry as well. Technology changes quickly and education needs to be able to adapt quickly. Together we can try to acertain what those changes might be and how business community as well as educational system must do in order to adapt.